Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newport Vacation

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Since our moving plans fell through, we decided to meet up with my family for their vacation at Newport Beach. Kevin and Kassidy had never been, so we had an adventure. We spent a week staying in a beach house about 500 ft from Newport beach. It was beautiful and fun to wake up on the beach everyday. We spent a couple days at the beach, went to an Angels baseball game, saw Toy Story 3, and spent 2 days at Disneyland. Disneyland was definitely all our favorites since it was Kassidy's first time and only Kevin's 2nd. We exhausted ourselves with 10 hour days at each park and did and saw almost everything. I was surprised how much I was still able to do being this pregnant. There were a few times I took Kassidy and my little sister to do some tamer rides while the big people went off. But it was a fun experience and we had a ball with my family. We were definitely worn out by the time we got home. I couldn't remember how to put up a slideshow, so this is the edited version of all the photos. Sorry, there's a lot!!

With Kenai and Koda in the Disney California Redwoods

Meeting the princesses was definitely a highlight for Kassidy and Jenny.

This made Kassidy's day! Aurora is her favorite.

She was one tired little princess

I love my family!

Betcha can't see me!

Kassidy loves her Uncle Danny

Having fun at the beach

At the Angels vs Dodgers game

I took Kassidy and Jenny and did some tamer rides while the older kids did some coasters.

Kevin and I were probably more excited than Kassidy because we knew what to expect.

The family at Disneyland!

Do you like my pirate face?

Bugs Life 3D movie, aren't we hot?

My sister Jenny and Kassidy on the bugs life ride

On the Pirates of the Carribean ride

Kassidy meets Princess Tiana and was in heaven!!

With Buzz Lightyear. Kassidy looks scared, but she was loving this!


Kurt and Whitney said...

The pictures with Kassidy and the princess from The Princess and the Frog melts my heart! I can only imagine how excited she was. I bet it was so much fun with her. Miss you guys and YES we are going on a trip somewhere when kevin and Kent Graduate. We will start saving out pennies right now :)Love you and miss you everyday!

Cammee said...

This is my favorite vacation ever--Disney and baseball! Some of my favorite memories are the first time I took my kids to Disneyland, it's just magical. That is so fun that your family got to go. The picture of you behind the tree made me laugh! You are too funny.

The dress your mother-in-law made is amazing! So cute, and such a treasure!

Shannon said...

I am so jealous!!! I am dying to take Stacia to Disneyland. I love the Princess Tiana picture. That is so cute!!! Looks like so much fun!!!!

Bryan and Christy Clark said...

we were probably in Newport amd Disneyland the same time as you!!! Why did we not know and meet somewhere?!

Ethan is totallly jealous you saw Buzz,I didn't even know they had a Buzz to take a pic with!

mccallpark said...

You guys look like you had a blast! I can't wait for your little guy to get here too! Almost there and you look great!