Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I look forward to:

Disclaimer: I truly love being a mommy and everything that comes with it. This post is all in good fun and highlights some of the things we mommies go through every day.

Things I look forward to when my children are grown:

*Taking a shower without having a conversation with a toddler in a princess outfit on the other side of the glass.
*Eating a meal and not hearing, "But I don't like this!"
*Sleeping through the night!!!
*Going to the bathroom alone (I don't even shut the door because someone always comes and finds me )
*Being able to quickly run into the grocery store for a gallon of milk without having to unload the kids. It's quite the production.
*Having a clean house that STAYS clean!
*Going to the movies with my husband again.
*Actually having a date night that doesn't include little people :)
*Not feeling like a milk cow (sorry boys, but it does happen).
*Having nice things and not worrying about them getting broken.
*Not having to watch Dora, Super Why, Sesame Street, and EVERY Disney movie ever made.
*Having nice things, not disposable things.
*Reading a book in one sitting. Right now I get about 10 minutes at a time while I'm feeding Korbin.
*Watching an entire movie without having to pause it.
*Not having to carry a humongous diaper bag everywhere I go.

All in good time Robyn, all in good time.....


Ryan & Amanda said...

haha totally relate. Being a mommy is great, but definitely interesting. I am really not looking forward to the whole milk cow thing again because that is totally how you feel!!!

Tina said...

Love it! Totally agree!

Ryan and Steph Dudley said...

Oh yeah, I dream of those days. Like you said, all in good time. Watch though, as soon as that happens we'll be missing the chaos of being a mommy to toddlers. The key is enjoying the now right!

Kurt and Whitney said...

I'm pretty sure your going to miss talking to a pretty little girl dressed in a princess outfit while taking a shower. :) Those are times you will always remember! I miss you like crazy ROBEAN!

Cammee said...

I think by the time we get to that point we have grandkids and start all over again!