Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Patches

Although I really miss being home in Utah around this time of year, we have found there are lots of fun things to do in California in the fall. The weather is still quite hot, so getting outside and playing has been very pleasant. We've visited many pumpkin patches this month and played with our great friends. We are lucky to be in such a versatile area where we have so many neat things around us.

Suisun Valley Pumpkin Patch
Noah, Daniel, Caytlyn, Micah, Kassidy, Korbin, Sara

Larry's Produce giant pumpkin with the Tabish's.
I love how much Kassidy looks out for and loves her brother. I hope it lasts :)
Jelly Belly Factory. We did the haunted house inside too. It was a bit to scary for the kids this year. Kassidy wore her princess crown to "shine the bad ghosts away".
Dixon "Cool Pumpkin Patch" playing in the corn bath. So fun!
Jen and I definitely got our work outs riding these pedal bikes around the pumpkin patches. We've had a great time this fall and look forward to the start of the holidays.


The Leeflangs said...

So much fun!!! They have a fun little place here in st George just like that, Our girls love it!!! Kassidy is so darling and Corbin has gotten so big!!! It is so fun to stay in touch with such great friends!!!

Melanie said...

Your kiddos have grown so much! What a fun fall! It's freezing cold here! No fun- I want to come where you are.

Dallas said...

So Fun! Your kids look so happy and cute! That makes me want to go visit a pumpkin patch. I am not sure but it seems like it would be really hard to find one here in the middle of the city! Oh and I saw their costumes on facebook. They are so stinkin cute.

The Osborne's said...

It looks like so much fun! Your kids are so adorable. It would be fun to see you guys again. I bet our little boys would love to play together!

Stefani said...

That looks like fun! Unfortunately there are no pumpkin patches around here...the closest is 2 hours away! Apparently nothing grows here. Can't say I'm surprised. So I had to make due with a bunch of pumpkins brought in from New Mexico that were for sale at a church fundraiser. There were so many that it looked authentic! ha ha