Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where did December go?

Is 2011 really gone already? And I didn't even do a single blog post in December. Hmmmph. Well, it was a pretty crazy month. We had Kevin's last semester of class work, finals, a ward Christmas party to be in charge of, California Christmas, followed by 3 wonderful Utah Christmases. I think I'll still go back and update the photos and stories soon, since this is my personal journal and I'll want to be able and look back some day and remember.

Until then, here's a sneak peek for anyone who still reads. We did a family photo shoot with my dad's side of the family on Christmas eve. My step-mom is a huge Ute fan, so naturally we did Utes vs. BYU themed pictures. It was fun and funny and the photos turned out great thanks to my aunt Cecily at mychaosmybliss who takes fabulous photos! Although I'm still convinced one day these will end up in one of those Awkward Family Photos calenders :) More to come soon!

The hair Kevin secretly longs for!
Yeah, we're not normal... funny thing is that none of actually attended BYU or the U. Go figure?


The Leeflangs said...

I love the picture of kassidy! She is so stinkin' cute! she has gotten so big and her hair has gotten so long! We miss you guys and hope we can get together again when you finish school!

Skye said...

I love the picture of your husband tilting you back. So cute!

Dallas said...

What a fun idea for family pictures! I was glad to see that you guys are Ute fans! He he

Misty Call said...

What a fun, cute family picture! Kassidy looks so pretty and grown up!

Amber said...

Those DID turn out good! I love the first picture of Kassidy!
It is funny that you guys didn't go to either school, but hey, whatever makes a good picture right?

nendy aza said...