Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family visit

We were very happy this last week to have some family come out and visit. My dad, step-mom, and two little brothers braved the dull 12 hour drive to spend 4 days with us. Boy were we excited! The days were spent with sightseeing, swimming, eating, picture taking, and more swimming. My kids were pretty sad to have their grandparents and uncles leave on Easter. We had a great time and I'm sad I didn't take more pictures. Here are a few of what we did:

Swimming, lots of it! One of the perks to living in an apartment is the pool and hot tub at 9 in the morning if you want. Here's grandma Cathy and Korbin.
Grandpa Russon and Kassidy. I'm not sure why my kids choose to call my step-mom "grandma Cathy" instead of Grandma Russon, but she likes it, so it works.
Little brothers and Kassidy with a bomb on Mare Island.

Hiking around the Marin Headlands overlook.
Went to Muir beach. A boy's gotta have his gun to shoot birds and whatnot :)

Chilly as always, but very fun and sandy!
The San Francisco Marina. There were tons of sailboats out that Saturday.
Kassidy feeding the pigeons.
Waiting in the eternal line for the trolley ride. The kids were so good....I on the other hand was less patient.
On our trolley ride, and the only photo I got with myself in it all weekend. Oh well...
Thanks Dad for a fun week!


Skye said...

Looks like a really fun few days! You guys have tons of fun things to do where you live!

The Leeflangs said...

Your comment on my blog made day!!! Along with that article you posted on facebook! Sometimes I feel like....why bother, no one notices. But we do it all for the kids right. ( I make books from my blog for memory books) I love how beautifull kassidy is, she looks so much like you! You're sweet boy has grown up so much! You're schooling won't last forever.... :) and it will all be worth it in the end!!!!!

Whitney said...

I love Korbin's squinty smile in the trolley ride photo! He cracks me up. Glad to see his cast is off and he's all healed. Love you guys.