Sunday, October 21, 2012

McKinley photos

I took McKinley for her newborn photo shoot this past week at my friend Constance Reid's house.  She always does a great job with my kids!  Of course for the newborn photo shoots she usually wants the baby to be sleeping so she can pose them and move them all over.  My children never seem to cooperate though! Korbin did the same thing when I took him for his photos 2 years ago.  I actually love the open eye photos more though because I love to see their sweet little spirits peeking through those eyes.  Here are just a few of the pics.  I love them all! McKinley has been such a joy in our live these past 3 weeks and we are so happy she's ours. 

 This hat was made by Kevin's sister Kim.  She does an amazing job! You can see some of her work here at her etsy shop, Cottoncorner.


The Osborne's said...

She is adorable! I love all those pictures. William likes the one where she is wearing the hat (he loves hats)! She is just precious. :)

Cammee said...

Congrats Robyn! She is beautiful and looks so much like your family. I'm glad she's here and you are all doing well.

I wish you could be here and watch darling Jenny cheer. It is the cutest thing ever. If you want, email me your cell number or email address and I will take some video and send it. I sure love that girl!

mdawg said...

These pictures are soo cute! She is so beautiful. Wish I could hold her. Congrats. I too cannot believe that you have three kids! Wow, what an awesome mom you are!