Monday, July 28, 2008


Just a quick blurp...I'm just so dang grateful today, I'm bursting!!! I'll put up all our pics and post about our 24th later. Today my wonderful visiting teacher Melanie Bishop came over for a chat. We had a good time talking and we circled around the topic of daycares. Melanie told me where she takes her kids to daycare, and it just happens to be my old employer! I called her immediately following our visits and got Kassidy in for this fall. This was such a blessing because the lady I was going to take Kass to was clear in Enoch and cost more than I can afford. This daycare is right down the street from my school that I'll be teaching at, right next to Uncle Kurt and Aunt Whitney's house (in case of emergency), is much cheaper than I expected, and is run by two amazing women who I know and trust....does it get any better!!! I'm so grategul for this wonderful opportunity and know that it is truly a blessing from my Heavenly Father who wants to take care of my Kass.


Braden & Kerri Jex said...

That's so neat Robyn! I think I will struggle having to leave my kids with a baby sitter. It's so great you found people to watch her that you know and trust. That must help a ton! Hey, we should start a class of 04 blog like everyone else is doing!

Matthew and Lindsey said...

So Robyn,
I found your blog, now I guess we can keep in touch even now that we are not in the same ward.
Hey I didnt know that you were going to start teaching, that is way cool. Where are you teaching at?

ryanandamanda said...

It is so hard to leave the little one, but it makes it soo much better if it is someone you feel totally comfortable with. It is amazing how much Heavenly Father watches out for us, even on something so simple, but so important. I am way happy for you! What grade are you teaching and how are the classroom preparations coming? I wish I would have seen you when you were up here!

Nichole said...

Isn't it wonderful how things always end up working out! Good luck teaching this year-if you ever need anything, let me know! Good luck and hopefully we can get together sometime in the future. We sure miss you guys!