Friday, July 11, 2008

Finally the 4th

So I know it took a while, but I'm finally uploading some pics from the 4th of July holiday and filling you all in on our festivities. Because we are extremely poor, we decided to stick around town and save some money for the holiday. Lucky for us, Kent and Kurt (Kevin's brothers) were in the same boat so we hung out with them. Kent and Mel came and spent the night with us Thursday so we could get up the next morning and go to the parade. Kassidy loved all the festivities at the park after the parade, but we couldn't stand the heat for too long. We spent the rest of the day hanging out in the air conditioned house playing nintendo and watching Lost episodes. It was fun to have family around to play with! That night we went to watch some fireworks that ended up being a dud, but it was fun to get out anyway. We went to Bishop Hair's funeral Saturday, which was beautiful and very touching. We are grateful for the break and time to spend with family!

Kassidy had a blast playing Guitar Hero with Uncle Kent.

Kass sure loves her uncles!

Is there such thing as too much fun?

Aunt Whitney and Kassidy in her cute 4th of July outfit.

This is us watching the miniscule fireworks at the High School.

All the girls watching the Cedar City Parade.

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Fletcher's Family said...

Golly I am jealous. You guys are all having the fun down there without me. How rude. :) Kidding. Sounds like you had a great July 4th. Tell Kent he needs to have Melanie start posting their Blog up :)
Miss you guys.