Friday, August 22, 2008

M-Dawg's wedding

This last weekend I had the opportunity to escape, to flee from Cedar City and motherhood and all responsibility and just have a wonderful girl's weekend. I am so thankful that Kevin stayed home with Kassidy and made this're wonderful honey! One of my best friends from HS got married, so I got to go up and hang with the old crowd and get in some sister/mother bonding time. Marie's wedding was beautiful and she was the prettiest bride I've ever seen! James is a lucky guy to be getting a gal like Marie. I rode up to Logan to the temple with Hawken and Eric and Janelle and we had a ball! The boys were a little worried that since I got married I wouldn't be any fun, but I think we laughed and talked the entire drive up and back. Alyssa met us up at the wedding breakfast, so if Jen had been there it would have been complete! We missed you Jenny-poo! After all the wedding hoopla, me and my mom and sis went to the movies and saw Mama Mia! If you haven't seen this movie, take a bunch of girls who you really like and be prepared to laugh for 2 hours! It was fabulous and I had a ball with my girls. The weekend was fabulous and I was a little reluctant to come home to "life" again, but my house wasn't burnt down and Kassidy was happy and well, so I feel like I wasn't too much of a delinquent. I took too many pics to post, so I'll put them in a slide show if you're interested.


The Conders said...

Hey Robyn- I just happened upon your blog and found the whole ward! I just wanted to say hi and hope you guys are doing well. We miss you guys! Fun weekend getaway! Anyway, keep in touch!

Wyatt's said...

Love all your pictures. You look great! No, Brad didn't get into Oregon. That's funny Rita thinks that. Brad doesn't even think there is a dental school in Oregon. Funny. He did just have an interview at UofL today though. Hopefully he will get in here and we can stay! Although it would be nice to be closer to home :)

Josh & JoElle said...

Hey Robyn, I was doing a little blog stalking and found your blog. Your little girl is too cute. It looks like everything is going good for you. Keep in touch!