Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My little Mozart

Kassidy loves to play the piano, and I'm amazed at how she already knows how to push all the buttons to change the songs and the voice of the piano. She's a regular little Mozart...I just wish we lived close enough for Grandma Shelly to teach her piano lessons in a few years!
Here's the little master at work. "Look Mom! I can even play backwards!"
Cheesy grin...Ta Da! I did it!
And...she's done. "That was exhausting!"


ryanandamanda said...

She is so cute! I am excited for Alli to get big enough that she can get up to the piano by herself, or maybe I am not. I guess you guys just have to move back up this way so your mom can teach her piano and then we can play!

The Askeroth Family said...

Hi Robyn! Kassidy looks so big since I last saw her, and what a cutie she is! I'm glad you commented, I didn't know you had a blog - and this is such a fun way to keep up. I love your background, by the way!

Wyatt's said...

Juilliard better get ready for this piano prodigy! She's so adorable!

Dallas said...

How fun! I love the little story line and the tired picture at the end. What a talented girl!

Cammee said...

Hello my cute long lost friend! I was thinking I was sad you didn't have Kassidy with you on Sunday, but I just got to see how big and ADORABLE she is! You guys are all so cute! Love you!