Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time for an update

I've been a slacker lately and haven't posted anything that's been going on, although I have to admit that we don't have the most interesting lives. We did have a wonderful Easter here at home with just our little family. We went to the city Easter egg hunt with the rest of the crazy town. It was snowy and freezing but we had a good time madly dashing for candy filled eggs. We had a mini egg hunt at our house and received our baskets along with Whitney. We decided to start doing the fun stuff on Saturday so we could enjoy the spirit of Easter on Sunday. Here's my pretty little girl in her Easter dress. She was being such a ham, I had a hard time getting a pretty pose out of her.
In other news, Kevin's sister Kelli and her family came down for a visit this weekend so had a blast down in St. George with them. Spring weather has finally appeared and so we took advantage and played in the water all day. We went to that fun little river rock park by the tabernacle and had a picnic while the kids played in the water. Then we made our way to the Washington Community Center and played in the very cool indoor pool. It has a lazy river, splash pads, tube slide and kid playground. We had a wonderful time and of course I forgot to take my camera.
Kassidy loved hanging out with her aunt Kelli and the spent most of Saturday making faces at each other like this one! It was cute and funny to watch them communicate.
Also, our next door neighbors and friends had their baby! Welcome to the world Kaven! We stopped by for a quick visit and he's sure a cutie, good work guys.


Janna, Will, and Grace said...

I love her dress! She is sooo cute. What a doll.

Amber said...

Her easter dress is adorable! Hey, we are so excited for you guys. Tim keeps saying, "I've never been this excited/happy for someone else for getting into school" (referring to you of course). It'll be sad to go our separate ways, but exciting too. Thanks for going to dinner with us! P.S. We also tried Don Miguels-- it was much better!!!

Ryan & Amanda said...

I love the Easter dress, so pretty! Glad things are going well!