Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tough mommy week

I fear that the "2's" are almost upon us at the Marchant home. Looking back on this week I see a frustrated mommy, a demanding little person, and a working daddy. I'm really happy about the working daddy part because as many of you know, Kevin has been out of work since Christmas. Unfortunately, daddy back at work means the Kassidy and I are spending much too much time together at the daycare. For those of you who just gasped at me, thinking I'm the worst mom ever, let me illustrate: Being a mommy is hard enough when you get to be on your own home turf and your child eats in their chair and sleeps in their bed. Now they may have a sibling or two to compete with (we're not quite there yet), but the environment is much more inviting and relaxing. Now picture a room full of 10 kidlets, aged 1-2 and two teachers--one of them is your mommy. Kassidy and I are there almost 35 hours a week and it's been getting harder and harder lately. Kass throws the biggest fits anytime I pick up another child or don't let her steal desired toys. It's also much easier to be patient with other kids because I don't know what their home life is like, whereas I know that Kassidy KNOWS BETTER and I don't let her get away with terrible behavior. Anyway, I'm just coming home pooped and needing some adult mommy time. But oddly, when we get home and it CAN be just me and Kass, she wants nothing to do with me! She'd rather play alone in her room...I don't get it! Actually, I do. It's the always wanting what you don't have thing...only it's magnified because she's almost 2 years old.
This picture has nothing to with my post, it was just a cute picture of my little monster playing baseball with Daddy-O.


Phil and Kelly said...

I'm sorry for the tough mommy week. I wish I had some good adice for you but I am just starting to feel that stage coming on. Just hang in there though cause Robyn you one of the best people I know and I know you can handle it. Congrats on School and work that is great!!!

Jenny Kay said...

Well if you need some "adult" time..i am ALWAYS here! Brynn misses baby kassie! And I miss you! We need to do something sometime of let them play! Also Kassidy is more than welcome to come over here when you are done with daycare..Brynn would LOVE it!

Kelly said...

Hi- I just linked to you from my niece Dallas this morning and read this post. I gotta say that as a mother who's been through a few two year olds that I think your expectations are way to high for your daughter who should 'know better' That is just silly for someone that age to not want a preferred toy. She'll get it eventually. Try not to be to hard on yourself or your little one. Or those other kids from 'bad homes' It's a learning process and the only way to learn is by doing. Motherhood is the hardest! Hang in there. And give your self some adult time - you deserve it.

Kelly said...

Oh one more thing. That mommy time alone with your daughter is actually the smartest thing I think you can do for her. She needs reassurance from you. Attention seems to always calms the beasts in your children (at any age actually) My kids range from 2-15 btw.

Sorry if my advise is harsh or unwanted.