Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Two

First off I want to thank you all for your encouraging comments and well wishes, it's buoyed me up immensely...thanks! Day two is over because my sweet big girl is in bed for the night. I was pretty worried about today because I've been warned that the second day is usually worse. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that instead of an hour of crying and screaming, it only took about 15 minutes!! Yay! Kassidy stayed home with Dad today and I was pretty worried when I came home from work and Kevin said there was no napping while I was gone. Yikes! But I actually think that the lack of nap helped Kassidy to exhaust herself much quicker. I did have to rock her to sleep tonight, which is pretty rare for our independent girl. We've had much less asking for the binky today because I think she remembers that it's "brokie". I'm so proud of my big girl and her ability to deal with difficult situations. Hopefully we only have a day or two more before she'll put herself to sleep again without the binky.


Ryan & Amanda said...

Good luck! It is so tough when they are crying and you can't help them! I was worried about taking Alli's binky away, but then one day she just decided she didn't want one anymore-kind of a pain at times, but she just won't take one anymore. I hope she goes back to putting herself to sleep again soon!

The Heath Family said...

Hey its Shannon! I got your message on facebook. Your little girl is so cute! Goog luck with the binky. i've heard of people doing a binky fairy and putting the binky under the pillow and having a little present when they wake up.