Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day...warning, lots of pics!

We are home from our wonderful and exhausting Memorial Day weekend in Beaver. We spent four fun-filled days with the Marchant clan. Everyone made an appearance except for Kim's family (who's coming this weekend) so Karen and Bruce had a VERY full house. Kent made the comment that we hit all of their popular family vacation spots in one weekend. We went to Marysvale to the miner park Saturday morning. The plan was to hike Marysvale falls, but the weather wasn't cooperating, so we just wandered the gorgeous mountainside in the rain instead (still fun!). Then we made our way to the Big Rock Candy Mountain to buy a little rock candy and see the beautiful scenery. On the way home we hit up the Freemont Indian Museum and hiked one of the fun trails with all the kids. Sunday after church and a yummy dinner we made our way to Cove Fort for the tour. I'd never been there and really enjoyed visiting this historic place. The kids loved the barn and old pioneer toys and we had a wonderful chat with the missionary couples there. Kev, Kassidy, Kurt and Whitney and I slept in our new tent Sunday night and braved the cold weather. Monday we had a yummy breakfast at the park and then walked to the cemetary to visit Breanna's grave (Kevin's brother Kyle's first born). The cemetary was beautiful with all the flowers and Kassidy loved all the pinwheels, which she kept calling "pizzas" and trying to stop them from spinning. The kids also played in the sprinklers and some of us went to the Beaver theater to see "Night at the Museum 2" which was very cute. We got home last night just exhausted and more than happy to sleep in our own beds.
Kassidy loves her cousins. This is her and Becca playing in the sprinklers.
At Cove Fort on the wagon.
Kassidy running away during our tour.
Kassidy and her aunt Kelli smelling the lilacs.
On our hike at the Freemont Indian Museum.
Uncle Cory was so cute with Kassidy all weekend. I think he wants a little girl...

Grandma and Grandpa Marchant. Poor Grandma probably has a sore back after carrying Kassidy around all weekend. She was having a hard time sharing "her" Grandma with all the cousins.
Kass in a miners bucket and the Miner's Park in Marysvale.
It was pouring rain...
We love our family and will miss them so much!

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kim said...

I love all the pics looks like you guys had a blast I wish we could have been there too. We are way excited to see you guys

love ya