Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bryce Canyon

Since last weekend we saw everyone of the Marchant clan except Kim's family, we jumped at the opportunity to go to Beaver again and hang out with the Isaacson clan. Kim is Kevin's oldest sister and she has 6 adorable kids. Saturday we met them up Beaver canyon for a little fishing, horse riding, canoeing, and barbecuing. Unfortunately, Melanie came down with some horrible pains and was rushed back down the mountain to the hospital. We were all pretty worried since she's about 6 months pregnant. Everything turned out alright in the end though...she had a kidney infection and spent 2 nights in the hospital. Sunday we made our way to Bryce Canyon for a little hiking and enjoyment of our beautiful earth. We had a wonderful time hiking and the kids were all so tough. The weather was perfect and Kassidy had a great time thanks to a loaner hiking backpack (thanks Stacy!). We love being outside and hiking was loads of fun. Here's some documentation that's funner to look at than my dumb writing.
Outside Ruby's Inn we found these attractive characters.
We really wore Kassidy out with all the hiking.

Look at this view! We hiked these switchbacks down and was a great workout!

The whole group, minus Grandma and Grandpa.


Janna, Will, and Grace said...

Oh my heck! How fun. I love the cowboy....girl... whatever picture with you and Kevin. It was funny.

Phil and Kelly said...

That looks like fun!!! I love hiking too. We miss you guys and are glad to see you are doing so well.

kim said...

I loved all your pictures. Thanks for the fun weekend. It was so nice to see you. We are going to miss you when you go. We will have to keep in touch through your blog.