Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Dora

Dear Dora the Explorer,

I would just like to take the chance to tell you thanks. You annoy the heck out of me and your voice grates my nerves like fingers on a chalkboard. I don't understand why your head is so large and your clothes don't seem to quite cover your belly. But. You entertain my 2 year old and you give me an hour each morning to shower and do a bit of cleaning. And while she's now speaking to me in Spanglish and saying "Gracias!" instead of thank you, I am grateful that you can keep my toddler's attention for a bit, affording me some much needed grooming time.

Your reluctant admirer


Bryan and Christy Clark said...

hahahaha you are so funny.

Cammee said...

Hysterical! She beats the pants off Yo Gabba Gabba!

Jeremy 'n Brandy said...

haha That is hilarious. Adyson is TOTALLY into Dora right now. She also speaks some spanglish saying to me "vamanos" and "ayudame". She was falling off the couch and was screaming ayudame ayudame and I had to think for a minute what that meant.

Ryan Steph & Jackson said...

So funny Robin! Thank heavens for those times when you get time to yourself! Knowing some spanish is something that I really want to have me and my kids do, it's really smart to have that kind of skill today.