Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Haunting!

So October's come and gone in a whirl wind. We had too much fun enjoying the warm October weather here and trick-or-treating without coats and sweat pants. It was definitely different! Kassidy and I went to Six Flags with some friends the day before Halloween and had a spooky and fun time there while Kevin was studying and working (I'll do a post on that later). Halloween day was fun with a party at a friends home and trick or treating in the hottest neighborhood around. There were cars lining the streets and lines to each of the doors. Kassidy got quite the sack full in just the street and a half we went to. We had fun visiting "grandma and grandpa"'s house, aka my aunt and uncle and went to bed at a decent hour. Kassidy starting telling us, "I getting tired" after about 15 homes, so we had an excuse to pack up and leave. We had a great Halloween, and here are some pictures:

Big girl trick-or-treating on her own. She had such a good time!

These glow in the dark glasses made it easier for me to find Kevin in the crowds of trick-or-treaters, and he looked so nice too!

Baseball player, Princess Aurora, and hawaiin troll doll at our friends' party.

Kassidy was a little nervous at some homes and she told us too, "I nervous mommy!"

Kevin and Kassidy at a home trick-or-treating. This neighborhood was insane with decorations and trick-or-treaters.

Kassidy, Ava and Addy trick-or-treating

Princess Kassidy and Medusa "Grandma" (my aunt) Jennette


Kent and Melanie: said...

How fun! People don't trick or treat where we live! :( I'm Jealous! Kevin those glass work for you! What a stud! Love the hair do Rob, and Kassidy is so grown up! Love you! Glad you had a fun Halloween.

The Askeroth Family said...

I love the troll hair Robyn! That is awesome. You must have had to use lots of hairspray for that! Kassidy is CUTE!

The Leeflangs said...

What a cute princess! love all the pics!

Ryan & Amanda said...

I'm loving the costumes, good choice on the Hawaiian troll doll! Looks like a lot of fun!

Matthew and Lindsey said...

So much fun. Kassidy is getting so big and talking-so much fun!!

Dallas said...

Now I must say Kassidy is as cute as ever but your Troll Doll costume is rockin! That is SO CREATIVE! I LOVE IT! Gald you had a great Halloween!

Ryan Steph & Jackson said...

How fun! Your girl looks so cute in her costume - and your costume is pretty darn awesome too! It reminds me of that one dance in highschool where we all went as trolls! Remember?!