Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October fun

Well October's come and it's almost gone. We've been having a great time enjoying the 75-85 degree fall here in California and excited that the weather stays nice enough to do things outside. I also have been very domestic and decided to can some tomatoes (yes, in October, weird huh?) since they're still in season here and I got them for pretty cheap. We decided to make a family outing out of our trip to Larry's- the cool farmers market. Kassidy had a good time exploring in the "munkin" patch and playing on their huge slide. Although she did ask me, "You smell that stunk Mom?" when she got a whiff of the many vegetables. She's such a character. We've also been to a fun kid party hosted by a ward member, so fun! Kassidy and I are making some wonderful friends here and they are always doing fun things.

In other news, not so good, our poor Montero might not make it to see another year, at least not with our family. After repeated problems we took it in and the diagnosis wasn't good--it needs a new engine. After weighing the costs of labor and the new engine, I think we've decided it's not worth it to fix it up. So we are now in the market for a new vehicle, and fast! We are pretty stranded without our only vehicle running and we've been saved by the grace of our amazing family and their willingness to share a car with us.

Since I don't want to overwhelm you all with the hundred or so pictures I know are coming for Halloween, I'd better get these pictures in now. Here are a few of the things we've been up to lately:

Little poser, saying "Cheese!" in the wrong direction

Dad and Kassidy by the giant pumpkin

Mom and Kass by the giant pumpkin

Daddy trying to convince Kass that the slide will be fun!!

Mom and Kassidy coming down the slide

Kass with her friend Wonder Woman at a Halloween party just for kids

This is our pirate/kitty/witch- isn't she cute?


The Leeflangs said...

So cute! I love it! We love the fall!!!!

Kurt and Whitney said...

I love her costumes!! Missing you guys like crazy!

Cammee said...

Oh my, that giant pumpkin looks just like my butt after having 4 kids!

You guys are so cute! I hope you're enjoying yourselves in sunny Cali, it's freezing here!