Thursday, October 1, 2009

Utah, here we come!

There has been a serious lack of posts due to my excitement to go home!! Kevin has a week off school, so we're headed home to Utah to see our family. We are really excited and look forward to much needed break from our routines. I'm sure I'll have way too many stories and pictures after our visit. See you in a couple weeks!


j Takasaki said...

Do I get to visit with you? I know you'll be super busy with family and all....but I'd love to see you while you're here... :)

Kent and Melanie: said...

I love your family picture! Kassidy is so big. She looks more like you all the time. I miss you! I am getting home sick the longer I am out here. I told Kent that me and Kamdon are coming to visit you sometime and he said he is coming too! Call me sometime if you are bored. I would love to chat. I am probably just hanging with my little man. Hope things are going well. Love you! Tell Kevin good luck with school this week!