Thursday, October 15, 2009

Better Blogging

My church published a great article in the Ensign (our monthly magazine) about better blogging and sharing the gospel online. I found the articles very informative and they caused me to look over my blog to make sure it's safe and appropriate. I haven't had the desire to go private with our blog, but I do try and be careful about the information I put on there. I found the advice in these articles very useful and a good reminder to be careful and courteous about what you write on your blog. Blogs are also a great way to share your beliefs and be an example for your church. I'd like to encourage you all to take a peek at the articles. Here's a URL link to copy and paste if you don't get the actual copy of the Ensign. Or you can search the title Better Blogging on under magazines. Enjoy!

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Ryan Steph & Jackson said...

Man I'm feeling guilty for not blogging more about what we beleive, I guess better late than never! Your family pictures are awesome by the way, your family is beautiful!