Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Beav

Due to a really unrealiable computer, I haven't been able to finish posting about our Utah trip. Our next stop was Beaver to visit the Marchant clan. We woke up there the first morning to some beautiful, though accidental, ice trees and grass. The sprinklers went off during the freezing night and resulted in this, I thought it was really pretty:

Kassidy went to work with Grandma Marchant one day and was the cutest little secretary you ever saw :)

We also spent some time in Cedar City with Kurt and Wee-wee (as Kass calls her aunt Whitney) and went to the park with Grandpa Bruce.

We also made a quick stop at Kevin's sisters house and Kassidy and Berkley had a mini jam session.

Thanks Marchants for the fun stay, we had a great time and miss you already!

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