Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nuttin' New

Everyday when I get on to check all the happenings of my friends and family, I promise myself I going to post something. But when your life consists of spending the day trapped in your apartment with your two year old, there's not much to tell. I guess a few things have been going on although I warn you, they're not really too interesting unless you really love us.

Here goes--We survived the first test week of pharmacy school. When I say survive picture two near-drowned people that have just been dragged onto the shore and are gasping for breath and looking ragged. It was rough to say the least. Kevin put in the maximum number of hours each day preparing for the tests that were ridiculously hard. I think it was so frustrating because he didn't know what to expect and it was so much information crammed into a month. As for me, you'd think I was a single parent as much as we've seen Kevin lately. Even when he was home he was locked in the bedroom studying and wouldn't come out for anything. We were both grumpy and frustrated and I was lonely and stircrazy. So we've both learned something from this experience and we hope to come out of the next test week a little better off. We're learning how to handle grad school slowly :)

In other news, my sweet uncle and aunt gave me a job cleaning their dental office. Strangely, I'm excited to have something to do to earn a little money, even if it is cleaning bathrooms and scrubbing operatories. We've also been pretty busy with church functions, mainly because I make a point to go to every single one, just as an excuse to get out of the house and meet people. There are a lot of truly amazing people in our ward that I'm sure will be lifelong friends. I'm also throwing a baby shower for one of my newfound friends. Everyone loves a party, right?

We've also figured out Skype and are loving video chatting with a few family members who have it too, so if you have a webcam and want to chat, call us! Also, if you have any secrets for making the picture not freeze frequently, let us know. Our main form of excitement is our upcoming trip to Utah!!! If you couldn't tell by the three exclamation points, I'm really stoked! We're headed home the first week of October so we'll be there for Conference and to see a little fall weather which is not going to make an appearance here in Cali for another few months--it's still 90 degrees and I miss my crisp fall weather :( Now that I've yacked your eyes off, that's life of late, not much, but it's life!


Dallas said...

Oh Robyn! I am so glad you did a post. We have been missing you and I have been a little worried about you. I was telling Tim that it seems that you are going through the biggest changes out of all of us that have moved away to grad schools. Not only are you in a new place and a new school program like the rest of us, but you went from working to not working, from having someone at your house almost all the time to being just you and Cas on top of it. And maybe some other things but it sounds like you are rolling with the punches and finding silver lining amoung some grey clouds. You are such a great example to me. You are not afraid to admit some of the yucky things going on but you always have this sweet spirit and attitude about life. You are one of those people that you can almost see a glow coming off of them. I always enjoy being around you to feel that glow and wish I could just walk next door again to play and visit so easily. There is a saying I just heard from my aunts blog that describes your attitude about things perfect and I am trying to focus on. She said something like... trials can make you bitter or better. You are one of those people that you learn from them and because of it, it makes you and even greater person. Thanks for your example. I just wish I could come give you a big hug and we could be almost single mothers together. (sorry such a long comment, guess I should probably get one of those things you were talking about so we can talk rather tham me making HUGE comments on your blog :)

Losee Family said...

hey Robyn! We have skype and would love to talk to you anytime. I'm glad you are adjusting even if it is a slow process. Good luck with it and i hope you have so much fun when you come to Utah.

Jeremy 'n Brandy said...

Oh my gosh. I am having nightmare flashbacks to Jeremy's first year. I went through all the EXACT same stuff. I didn't have a car either and just had my 2 1/2 year old to keep me company. One thing that helped was another girl would come and pick me up and we went on bike rides with our kids. Do you have a bike? I invested in a nice bike trailer and I would pull Ava all over Fairfield in it (the good parts). Every day I would bike to the golf course and let her run around a bit up there. Or I would bike to the park cuz as you know, walking gets old. We would swim a ton. I am trying to think of other ideas that got me by. I did spend a month in Utah with my family and left Jeremy behind. I felt bad but I was so miserably bored. Then of course, buying a second vehicle really helped. Then I could just take off and drive around. Even if I didn't really have anywhere to go. I would just walk around Walmart. It was better than sitting at home. Also, in the summer, the movie theater does free movies all summer long in the mornings. I also signed up for a few mommy/me classes through the city. Oh and we hung out at the library. They do free activities there. Hope some of this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn. How are things going? I'm sorry you guys are missing Utah so much. The 4 years will FLY by fast. When I got married Kinley had 5 years of school before he was done and it seemed like forever when I looked at it, but we are now down to one year of school left. Our France trip is for Kinley's last semester of school. They are going over there for 16 days and looking at a bunch of buildings and basing there last project over there. So long story short, Kinley was the only one planning to go, but then the teacher said spouses could go so we jumped on that one. So we are both going. I'm so excited!! Are you working or do you get to stay home with Kassidy?