Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best kid ever :)

Today I tiptoed in Kassidy's room during her nap to kiss her angelic little face and whisper, "I love you" in her ear. I can't believe how beautiful my little girl is. She's growing up too fast and has such a spunky little personality. It's been one of those days where I am just so grateful for my little girl and what a good kid she is. Kassidy has one amazing imagination; I found her in my room yesterday playing with two bottles of nail polish remover which she had named daddy and mommy, and she had lined up all the nail polish bottles and they were the children. I sat and watched her play for 5 minutes and loved the little dialogue she came up with. I can't wait to see how she grows and learns in the future and I am so blessed to be her mother. I think I learn more from her than I actually teach her. And I couldn't ask for an easier child, which ultimately means that I'll have a devil child somewhere down the line, right?

Too cute, Kassidy wanted to do her homework just like daddy, so we set up her table in by daddy.


Dallas said...

She really is a great kid. We miss her. Emery missing blowing bubbles with her and her love for princesses. Looks like you guys are having fun there, especially during Labor Day. I look at your guys blog and Josh and Tina's and think how cool the things you get to do.

Megan said...

She is so stinking cute. Love that picture of her in her hat. She is a sweetheart. Wish we lived closer so I could see you guys more often. Hope you're doing well.