Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whitecoat ceremony

So when I said we hadn't had anything interesting going on around here, I totally spaced it that we just had Kevin's whitecoat ceremony last week. This was a pretty neat ceremony they held at his school where the entire class was recognized and given their new pharmacist lab coats. A pharmacist representative put the coat on them and then they shook hands with the dean. Then the class repeated the pharmacist pledge and oath, which was pretty neat to hear. You don't really think much about pharmacist doing what doctors do, but the oath said a lot about their commitment to the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering. It was pretty neat and we couldn't be prouder of our Kevin!! I only wish that we weren't so far away so some of our family could have been here to see Kevin on his special day. He's been working really hard for the past 3 weeks at school and I know that Kevin will be a great student and future pharmacist. We love you babe!

Kevin on stage just before his name was called

Being given his white coat by the pharmacist

Daddy's #1 fans!

This is Kevin's Utah friend, Cort Welker. He's married and a really nice guy, and one of the only other white guys in Kevin's class. Naturally they have become good buddies.


Dallas said...

Congrats Kevin, Robyn and Cassidy! It is so exciting that it is all beggining now! So proud of you guys. I am jelous that you guys get to experience so many fun new things in California. You live by the Ocean and all kinds of cool things. Wish you the best! You guys deserve it!

Bryan and Christy Clark said...

That is so cool! They aren't doing Bryan's until Feb. I am bummed, I can't wait! Congrats Kevin! You are awesome!

Losee Family said...

Congrats guys. I'm happy for you. Good luck with everything.

Dallas said...

Hey it's me again. :) Just wanted to let you know I forwarded your e-mail to Shannon. And I do wish we could still live by each other. There are some pretty cool people around us now but I don't feel nearly as close or they are as cool as you guys and our friends we met at Sunset Ridge. I am grateful for blogs though because I don't think I would be able to stay in touch as well with out them. It makes the world a lot smaller to me. It is great seeing how you guys are doing.

Nichole said...

How exciting! I'm so glad things are working out for you! Have fun in California for the next little while; who knows-maybe we'll make it out there to visit you one day. Kassidy is so big too! She's such a cutie. Hope all is well!