Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still here

So nothing much new is happening here. We're still just plugging away at school and I'm busy doing nothing all day with Kassidy. It gets kind of tedious, but I love that I get to be with her all day. Kevin's working really hard at pharmacy and has decided it's definitely harder than undergrad! We have a new nephew, Kamdon Kent Marchant was born on the 25th to Kevin's brother Kent. We're so excited for them and wish we could be there with them. He and Kassidy won't see each other much for the next 4 years since they moved to Boston for dental school. I don't have any fun pictures or really anything to update on right now, but we're still here!


Cecily R said...

I'm glad to know you're still around!! :)

Kent said...

HEY Rob, I wish I was with my babies too! I love you guys your so awesome and special to me. And if you want you can put new picture of me on your blog! I'm pretty handsome. You may need to put a warning up to your friend that I'm taken though just to avoid confusion. :)
Love you three!