Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July here in Fairfield with some friends and family.  Although it just makes me more excited to go home to Utah for the 24th of July and celebrate Pioneer Day.  It's a huge holiday in my hometown and I love all the festivities :)  

We started the day off with the parade, which was fun albeit short.  The kids got tons of candy so they were happy.  Kevin and I were left wondering where all the service men and women were, the Smoky the Bear, marching bands, actual FLOATS, and tractors.  These are all things we have become used to seeing in parades in Utah that were missing out here.  Oh well, at least they had their Mexicans on the dancing ponies :)  Just what every 4th of July parade needs! Lol!

 Patiently waiting for more candy.  You can see his blue stained face from the previous treats.

 After the parade we went back to our place and went swimming with Kevin's sister Kelli and crew.  The kids had a blast and the water felt great.

 Following nap time (yes!) and a delicious tri-tip bbq with all the fixings, we headed over to Vacaville for the firework show.  The kids had a blast playing in the dirt for 2 hours while we waited and the glow sticks I brought were a huge hit.  The fireworks were impressive too with a great finale, ending a very perfect and not too hot 4th.  I feel so blessed to live in this free country and love celebrating it with the ones I love!

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