Saturday, July 14, 2012


Last weekend we took the kids and went camping up the Sierras to the Boy Scout Camp Cole.  Kevin has been up there a few times to help my uncle do projects to improve the camp, so when my uncle mentioned needing help again we decided to make it a family affair.  I need to write myself a little reminder that camping always sounds like so much fun when you are getting ready, and then again after about a week and you've forgotten how much work it is!!  I always wondered why my parents were so ornery when we went camping and why they didn't want to go very frequently.  Don't get me wrong, I love being outside and everything about it, but camping when you are the adult in charge of putting up the tent, preparing a meal away from electricity, over all safety and comfort of your kids, and clean up, it's a different story!  Lol! 

We had a really good time but one night was definitely enough for me and the kids.  Our transmission kept overheating on the way up to camp and about 2 miles from camp we were almost ready to turn around and drive the 2 1/2 hours home.  We had to keep stopping to let the transmission cool down, which was slow going in the 90 degree weather.  We finally made it to camp in the afternoon and were saying frequent prayers that our car would make the return trip home.  

The weather was so warm!  About 90 during the day and stayed comfortably warm at night.  We didn't plan on such warm weather so I feel bad that I didn't bring the kids' swimsuits because the lake felt heavenly!  It's okay though, we just stripped the kids down and played anyway.  

Being at a boy scout camp provided some nice perks that we wouldn't have had camping elsewhere.  The four-wheelers used to make working all over camp easier provided hours of scenic rides for our little family, the shooting range was great, and having running water nearby was a definite perk!  All in all, we had a great time, but were very dirty and exhausted by the time we got home Saturday.  I feel so much more appreciative to my parents who roughed it through MANY family camping trips with 5 small children.  I'm sure it was so much work, but it left me with very fond memories.  

Here are some pictures/proof of our trip so I can one day receive the same thanks from my kiddos :) 

 The pants came off and the kids just played in their undies.  Wish I could've joined them :)

 Kevin worked very hard putting together this dock for the boy scouts to use all summer.
 Proof that I was there with my 7 month belly bulge.

Blackened hot dogs for dinner.  Is there anything better? 

 The kids found a box which entertained them for about an hour.  Tell me, why do we buy toys again?
 Helping daddy work.

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