Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Singing in the rain

Kassidy and I enjoyed a random spring downpour by running and splashing in the puddles.

Playing in the gorgeous spring rainstorm

Me and Kassidy before going out in the rain

All wet!!


Matthew and Lindsey said...

so much fun! Hey when and where is the HS reunion? We have a family reunion the same weekend and so I wanted to know the details.

kim said...

How cute is that! What an awesome mommy. I am glad you are feeling better Robyn. You have been on my mind a lot. Mom said that they think the cyst is gone. I am so glad.

The Leeflangs said...

we miss the warm rain! Kassidy is soo cute! getting bigger for sure! miss you and the neighborhood, but i guess it's changed a ton since we left. glad you'll be moving on soon too :) you have such a cute family!

thesorensen2 said...

That looks so a blast!! Seriously that makes me want to embrace my inner child again and do something fun haha