Friday, October 15, 2010

Things I say daily

Wow, I'm struggling with my blogging lately. No particular reason. I've been having one of those months where I feel super busy, but when I look back I can't particularly see what I've done to be so busy. Eh. Maybe it's having 2 kids. Whatever.

Anyway, lately I also feel like a broken record and have realized that I repeat certain things MULTIPLE times a day. Here are just a few I've noticed (mommies, these may sound familiar):

*I love you
*Do you need to go potty?
*Get out of Korbin's face!
(Kassidy has a bad habit of getting right in her brothers face and making obnoxious noises)
*You're my buddy!
*Play nice
*Let's go!
*Hold my hand
*We missed you (to Kevin when he comes home)
*Hi baby (to Korbin)

As you can see, my day is filled with scintillating conversation. I really do enjoy my days with my beautiful kids. Korbin has been such a wonderful baby! He's so relaxed and easy going and doesn't require much to keep him happy. I've really enjoyed having him around these past 3 months. He's my sweet little man!


Misty Call said...

Haha, I laughed out loud reading your list of things you say constantly cuz my list is SO similar. We have the same problem with Addy getting in Maylie's face so I am always telling her "give her some space!" And I think I ask Addy 100 times a day if she needs to go potty:)

Dallas said...

How funny! This made me think of all the things that I say throughout the day! Most are the same or similar to yours. You are such a cute Mommy!