Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ward Halloween party 2010

Our ward held a Halloween party this year since Halloween happens to fall on a Sunday. I guess they're not usually a "celebrate the demonic holiday" ward, so I was very grateful for the festivities :) We invited our non-member neighbors and Kevin's sis and fam who just moved out here. Kassidy had a blast, and despite the pouring rain outside, the trunk-or-treat was moved into the halls of the church and it was a big success! The primary also hosted some carnival games, making the night a huge hit!

Here's Kassidy the yodeling cowgirl and Sara and cupcake baker. Could there be any two cuter girls? Don't answer that any other way beside no because I will argue that you're WRONG!
Korbin/Woody and aunt Kelli. Kelli's due with boy #3 in 3 weeks!
Pharmacist Daddy and Woody
Power Ranger cousin Cayden, Cupcake Baker Sara, Cowgirl Jessie Kassidy, and Giants pitcher Lincecum Lauren
Kass with the cute spider she made.

My aunt and uncle with Korbin.
Good times! Thanks FF 3rd ward :)


Misty Call said...

I love your kid's costumes! Korbin is the cutest little guy I've ever seen! I just want to kiss those chubby little cheeks!!! Hope you guys have a Happy Halloween!

Kent and Melanie: said...

Very cute costumes. Kevin's costume is probably the scariest! :) I love Halloween. Korbin is huge! Stop growing! And he looks just like his dad! Miss you guys. Happy Halloween.

Cammee said...

Your Woody turned out so cute! And I have to say, your niece is by far more attractive than the original Tim Lincecum!

Sarah said...

Super cute! Would you mind sending me the links to the sewing sites you've been using? I'm just starting to sew too and that would be a huge help!

Karina Russon said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! I miss you guys more and more every day. I hope you had a great Halloween! LOVE YOU!

Janna said...

Your family is seriously beautiful Robyn. I love the kid's costumes. I hope you guys are doing well.

kim said...

looks like a fun halloween i wish we lived closer the costumes are super cute you did good Robyn

Camille and Matt said...

I love the cosutmes they are adorable. I wish our ward would have had a halloween party, it looks like a lot of fun!