Monday, February 21, 2011

Sacramento Train Museum

We are situated in the perfect spot, smack dab between San Francisco and Sacramento. A couple weeks ago, Sacramento hosted Free Museum Day. I knew the word FREE would bring out everyone and anyone and I was sure to run into masses of people, but Kevin was 2 days away from Block Exams, which means stress galore and Daddy MIA. Rather than sit around the house feeling sorry for myself on a lonely Saturday, we decided to venture to our capital city and have an adventure!

Kevin's sister Kelli and her 3 boys met up with us at the Sacramento Railroad Museum and we pushed and shoved through the throngs of people to get a glimpse at the infamous locomotives. Kassidy really loved the big trains, I hated the crowds, and Korbin was pretty oblivious. We'll have to go back again to see everything that had a big line to see it. We followed up the museum with a picnic lunch in the 68 degree weather outside (one definite plus to California. February at home in Utah is still in the 30's. We call it "warm" when it hits 50 ).

We should have quit while we were ahead and still had some patience left, but I foolishly convinced everyone to head to Fairytale Town for an hour more. Traffic getting there was HORRIBLE! That should have tipped me off to the crowds awaiting us there, but I was still oblivious. Yikes. The place was packed, but we managed to get in a few attractions before it closed. The kids had a good time, which is was matters right? Kassidy, if you ever read this when you are grown up, know that I risked my own sanity to give you fun experiences. Do it for your kids too! :)
Cute cousins
Cayden was way excited to see the trains!
Kelli with the kids in a boxcar
They had some BIG trains in the museum
This picture reminds me of "A Christmas Story" :)
My little Cinderella
What a fun day!

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