Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's adventure

Valentine's weekend was such an exciting event at our house because it signaled the end of the dreaded block exams and meant we'd be seeing our daddy/husband again! So to celebrate, we decided to pack our little car up with snacks and changes of clothes and head on an adventure. We weren't really sure where were going, we just knew that the day was beautiful and we wanted to go somewhere new.

So with the aid of our trusty GPS, we found our way through Sonoma, past a Coast Guard Training Facility, through a beautiful cow laden town called Tomales, and eventually ended up on Highway 1 and at the beach. We stopped for a picnic in some cool druid-looking rocks, happened to be the ONLY car driving through an apparent biker-friendly town, saw sea lions, some of the most beautiful scenic country, and ended up at one of our favorite beaches, Stinson Beach. Coincidentally, we went to Stinson beach last year for Valentines. Maybe it'll be our new tradition :)

We had a nice time spending the day as a family. The kids really enjoyed getting out, the weather was ideal, and I really needed a tiny escape with my family and handsome husband. I don't realize how much he means to me and what a big help he is around the house until he has exams and is practically gone for two weeks. I love you hun! Enjoy the pics...
Road trip diva
Check out that view!

This was Korbin's first experience with sand. He dug his pink toes in deep and kept trying to eat it. Note that the muskacheer sword in the background had to come to the beach with us.
My kids have the best daddy :)o

Busy working on something cool.

I'm glad families are forever, because I really love mine!


Misty Call said...

I'm enjoying my family's years in Nebraska for school, but seeing your pictures of you guys in sunny California at the beach with nice weather and there's even green grass (not the dead, brown stuff we have right now) in the background... it makes me just a tad bit jealous. Especially since tomorrow's forecast says it'll snow! What a fun and beautiful place. Looks like a wonderful Valentine's for you guys.

Dallas said...

We all need a day like that here and there. It sounds heavenly! These pictures are SO CUTE! What a beautiful day in more ways than one. You look SO GREAT Robyn!! You are so thin for having two babies.

The Leeflangs said...

I'm jealous of your get-aways! I love how Kassidy posses in her pics! She much be 3 :) You are so fun to watch through pictures! You are such a fantastic mom! I love it!

Amber said...

I want to take my family to the beach too! I think the girls would love it! So with your inspiration, I'm going to make it happen-- someday.