Saturday, February 26, 2011

Top Shot

Kevin had school off Monday for President's day, so my uncle Scott invited him to go shooting with him. Normally I would opt to stay home for this, but the prospect of sitting at home alone with the kids another day seemed dull. So we tagged along and ended up having a great time! I usually avoid shooting guns (they kind of scare me), but Kevin educated me a little and I decided to try shooting his Springfield XD40, his .22, and shot a shotgun for the very first time. I think I was actually pretty good at hitting the clay pigeons and I had a good time doing it. Kassidy brought along her mini potato gun and shot everyone with potato pellets, and she even shot a real gun with Daddy's help. Korbin was a champ and kept his earphones on well. He and grandma Jennette (my aunt) went for a little walk to get away from the noise. We had a wonderful day enjoying the nice spring weather.
"Grandma" Jennette and "Grandpa" Scott shooting
I have a hot husband :)

Dead eye! I think she'll be a pro soon.
Don't mess with us.

Shooting clay pigeons

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