Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bad breath

Last month my aunt and uncle had an extra ticket to go see a Jim Gaffigan comedy show in San Francisco and I got to go! It was the first adult night out I've had in a looooong time! We had so much fun too.  The show was great and very family friendly and afterwards we drove around downtown S.F. and ate dinner at "The Stinking Rose" in little Italy.  Everything was smothered in garlic, so I came home with some pretty bad breath :) I tried to share some rolls with Kevin so he wouldn't notice so much, but he wasn't biting. We also wandered around a bookstore and stayed out until about 12:30.  I felt so grown up (and tired)! Thanks Hickens!
My uncle Scott, aunt Jennette, my cute cousin Haylee and me in front of "The Stinking Rose".

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