Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Karina's Wedding

We have had a busy few weeks, hence my lack of posts.  I'm back though and ready to update for myself as well as anyone who cares to read what we've been up to!  We went out to Utah for a couple weeks for weddings galore, first my step-brother, then my cousin, then my baby sister! It was a wonderful couple weeks and I'm so glad we could be there for it all.  I've posted 5 posts, so scroll down if you want. 

We started the week out with a trip to the salon. Karina had a really bad black hair dye job from a "friend" and she desperately needed it fixed before her big day. So she and I spent a couple hours together giggling about girl fun!
 Random shot of the kids playing in grandma's backyard. We were without Kevin for the first week so the kids and I really missed him!  It was the longest they've ever gone without their daddy, so when he arrived on Thursday we were all so giddy and glad to see him :)
 We had some fabulous help decorating for the wedding and I think it turned out spectacularly! Here's grandma Hicken, aunt Jennette (who was a trooper to come and do it all again after just finishing throwing her daughter's wedding the week before) and my cute mom.
 Aunt Kelli is a pro at the arch decorating, which she also did for my wedding.
 The men were the superstars of the day! I came up with the lights on the ceiling idea and then turned the logistics over to Kevin to figure out.  He was awesome!  It looked so good when we were done.
 Cutest little helper ever!

 Looks good huh?

 Karina and Justin's wedding was at the Manti temple, so we hit 3 temples in one week.  I made the kids outfits so they would match the color scheme, which was very fun.
 My little brother Kevin and his "mini-me" Luke looking very serious.
 Wahoo! They're married!

 FYI, I'm 20 weeks pregnant, not just fat :)

 All the grandparents
 Doesn't get cuter than these two!!

 We had a little car trouble on the way to the reception.  Just added to the craziness of the day.

Karina, we are all so happy for you and your sweet husband Justin.  He's perfect for you and we wish you the best in your eternity together!  

There are 4 more posts below if you want to take a peek at all the previous weddings!


Misty Call said...

How fun that you got to visit Utah for so many weddings! You're family is just beautiful Robyn! And I had NO idea you were expecting! CONGRATS!!! When are you due? Boy or girl? How have you been feeling? And for the record, you look neither fat or pregnant! I had to look so close to really tell that you had any sort of a bump yet:)

The Leeflangs said...

I had no idea on you expecting either! That is so exciting!!! Fill us in on all the details.

Tina said...

Congrats on the pregnancy!! That's super exciting! Hope you are doing well!

Candace said...

Look at that tummy on you! So cute! Have you found out whether it is a boy or a girl? We miss you guys! Let us know if you make it down our way -- or to Yosemite or anything!