Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Kassidy

Last Thursday our sweet baby girl turned 5....where did those years go?!! I feel like I just barely had my sweet Kassidy and became a mother for the first time.  These 5 years have been very wonderful and full of great experiences.  We are so proud to have a daughter like Kassidy.  She is such a perfect child.  She's a great protector for her brother and always very thoughtful of others.  Kassidy's also has such a fun outgoing personality and makes friends very easily.  I love watching her grow and turn into such a wonderful little girl.  Happy birthday sweet girl!  Mom and Dad love you SOOOOO much!  

Here are some photos from the big day:

We had to wait for dad to get out of school and commute back from San Francisco so we passed the day by inviting some friends to come swim and eat with us at our apartment.

 Kassidy, Sara and Lydia showing that Kassidy is 5
 Kassidy and her cute friends, the Tabish's and the Rothas'
 After Daddy FINALLY got home (traffic was horrible) we ate dinner at Chick-fil-A, Kassidy's favorite and then went home for presents. Yay!

 Kassidy with my aunt and uncle, or Grandma Jennette and Grandpa Scott as my kids call them :) 

 Pretty simple cake this year since we didn't really have a party or a theme. But it was delicious!

 I love being the mother to this amazing little person!

 Ending the night listening to the "Brave" story on cd with grandma.
Happy birthday Kassidy!

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