Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Swimming

The kids just completed their first-ever swimming lessons, and they were a big success!  We received a scholarship through the city, so this was a quite a treat for my kids to attend in a really nice facility in town.  Korbin and I did a mommy-and-me class, and although I was less than thrilled to squeeze my 6 month pregnant body into a suit, we had a good time. Kassidy loved her preschool class and was the only one to advance on to the next level.  Move over Poliwogs, Kassidy is now an Eel! Lol! 

Kassidy is going to do another round of lessons, while Korbin and I are done, but we had a blast! Great way to kick off the summer :)

Cute kids on their first day of lessons.  So excited!
 Kassidy's class
 Korbin trying to adjust to the water temperature.
 Kick, kick, kick!
 Kassidy was such a good listener! I was really proud of her.
 Korbin loved jumping from the side until the time the teacher told us to let them drop their faces in the water a bit.  After that experience he would scream, "No face in!" every time it was time to jump.  Welp, ruined that one for you buddy :(

 Last day of class.
 Korbin with our cute teacher Lacey. She gave him a diving ring that he loves!
 Kassidy and her teacher Megan.  

Happy Summer everyone!

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Skye said...

6 months pregnant? Congratulations!!! I'm excited for you!