Sunday, December 13, 2009

Princess Kassidy

For those of you who know our little Kassidy, you know she's VERY into princesses. Her entire 2nd birthday was princess themed and her bedroom looks like a princess threw up pink and purple all over it...she's girl through and through! Lately she's been assigning us new identities.

DADDY: Prince, no name, just Prince. Isn't it odd that Disney doesn't give most of their princes names? I can only think of a few, Eric, Philip, um...that's about it.

MOMMY: Sleeping Beauty, I love that I'm her, she's my favorite!

KASSIDY: Cinderella, and sometime Snow White. I'm glad she wants to be the modest princesses :)

Today at Stake Conference a little boy came up a few rows to sit and play in the aisle with Kassidy. Granted, 2 hours is a long time for little people to sit quietly.

Little Boy: "What's your name?"

Kassidy: (without missing a beat) "Name's Snow White!"

She sure has an imagination! And why not be a princess?

Daddy needed a break from finals, so we took Kass to see the new Princess and the Frog. Cute!


Jenny Kay said...

oh why cant you live closer to us?? Brynn is OBSESSED with princesses...she is usually sleeping beauty though. Kory is also the they dance while she sings once upon a dream. They would have so much fun together! Miss you!

Kent and Melanie: said...

How cute! How was the movie? Kent (yes I really mean KENT) thinks that movie looks cute and wants to watch it. Whenever I see something in the store with a princess on it I always think of Kassidy. See-ya soon!

Janna, Will, and Grace said...

Cute cute! How fun.

Megan said...

She is the most adorable princess ever!!! I love that she told that little boy she was Snow White. I sure wish we lived closer! Miss you guys.

How did Kevin's semester go?? One down, how many more to go?

Brad starts in July! We are super excited.

Kurt and Whitney said...

Oh I love my little princess! It reminds me of Ashley when she was little. When people would ask her her name she would just say princess, princess soper haha. Can't wait to see that little snow white. Hopefully she isn't scared of us!