Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank goodness for good friends

Today I am extremely grateful for good friends. We've been very fortunate to find some amazing people out here in California who have been more than just friendly to us. Our ward is awesome and very outgoing and we've found a lot of couples close to our age who we enjoy hanging out with. I'm grateful for these people who are so good to us and Kassidy. Kassidy has found some fun kids her age to play with too. It makes the days much more fun when we share them with others!


Dallas said...

It makes all the difference in the world when you have good people around you! I am so glad you have made such good friends!

Jen T said...

Sara and I are grateful for you and Kassidy! We always have a fun time hanging out.
By the way, I just noticed 3 of the 4 friends you have pictured are pregnant. :)

Cammee said...

That bubble gum costume is so funny! I'm glad you are enjoying your time there. Kassidy is getting so big!

Thanks for the heads up about my blog. I would have never known there was a problem because I could still see the background!