Friday, June 21, 2013

Family time

We really enjoyed having our families here for graduation and we took advantage and did many fun things.  The day before graduation we went to the Museum on Travis Air Force Base. We've been before, but everyone hadn't, so we enjoyed showing them around.

 Korbin had an accident in his pants and underwear and I only had a backup pair of undies, not shorts.  So he was pant-less for the rest of the time.  

 Good thing his little bum is so cute rocking his green lantern underwear!
 Grandpa Bruce is so cute with the kids.
 We had a big family picnic at the park the night before Graduation.

 These two cousins love their cars!

 Everyone congregated around the dessert table.

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Whitney said...

I giggled when I saw that first picture of pant-less Korbin. I love him.