Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hanging with the Hickens

After graduation parties died down, my family was here for one more day.  We spent a relaxing day hanging out in our apartment and then going to Davis for dinner.  My kids loved having all the attention from the many grandmas and grandpas!
 McKinley and her Grandma Shelly and great-Grandma Hicken.

 Note grandma's beautiful lacy gloved hand.  She was playing dress-ups with Kassidy too :)
 Tuckered out grandpa Hicken and uncle Scott.  Like Father, like son!
 Tuckered out Korbin on Jennette, his California grandma.
 I love McKinley's face in this one.
 It was also our 8th Wedding Anniversary this day, (June 3rd) so this doubled as our date night, plus a few extra people :)
 Trying to get a picture of the kids in their cute TU shirts Jen made me, but they weren't too thrilled.
 My cute mamacita.

 I can't wait to live closer to these wonderful people! They're my favorite.

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