Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kassidy Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe that my baby has finished Kindergarten! Man, that went by fast.  She loved this first experience of school, which I'm grateful for because her teacher was definitely NOT my favorite and I was afraid she wouldn't like this year because of that.  Kassidy is now a pro-reader and excited for 1st grade.  The end of year was full of triathlons, a pizza party, having a giant tortoise come visit, and lots of sugar and sunny days.  Good bye KI Jones Elementary!  We'll miss you and all the wonderful friends Kassidy made here.

Kassidy and Ellie at the triathlon.
 Kassidy, Maddy, and Ellie.  It was a bit sunny :)
 Ellie, Kassidy and Hind enjoying Popsicles on triathlon day.
 Kassidy and Mrs. Throckmorton receiving her Kindergarten graduation certificate.
 Kassidy and her buddy Arlen.
 Signing their autograph books. It was funny because the kids kept asking each other, "How do you spell your name?"  I had to tell them that they were supposed to write their OWN name, not the name of their friend :) Otherwise each kid would have a book full of their name written 32 times.

 Kassidy, Elise (she left after Christmas to homeschool, but we still hung out), Ellie, and her big sister Maddy.

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