Thursday, June 13, 2013


I can't believe it's been 4 months since my last post!  Wish I had a good excuse, but I don't.  Just life.  And kids. I use my blog as a sort of journal for myself though so I'd better update some of the very important things going on of late.

Kevin graduated!!  I can't believe I can say those words.  He is officially Dr. Kevin Marchant, PharmD.  I am soooo proud of him!  Kevin worked his little butt off these past 4 years to get where he is today.  It wasn't easy, and he didn't always enjoy it, but he did it for us.  I love this man more than words can express!

Graduation day was so amazing.  We had a lot of our wonderful family come out to visit us and support Kevin for his big day.  It was so nice to be surrounded by those we love and reflect back on how we got where we are now.

Graduation was on June 2nd at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco.  It was a beautiful place and definitely added to the official feeling of the event.  We left the kids home with Kevin's sister Kelli, (thanks Kel!) and only took McKinley with us.  I wish they could have been there to see their daddy though.  They would have been so proud!  Now that we're done, Kevin is waiting to take his national board exams in August.  Following his exams we will be moving to Utah!  We're excited and nervous since we're moving there without a job, and putting faith in the Lord that we will be able to find one.  I know things will work out, just maybe not exactly how and when we want them too.  In the meantime, we're enjoying our last summer here in California.  Enjoy some pics :

 My dad scheduled a business trip around graduation so he could be here.  He even walked 6 blocks up very steep SF hills to make it.  Thanks dad!
 Kevin's wonderful parents.  He wouldn't have gotten this far without them.
 My aunt Jennette and uncle Scott.  We've been living by them the past 4 years and they have been so supportive of our family!  We love them like an extra set of parents.
Kevin's younger brother, Kent, graduated from Dental school in Boston 2 weeks earlier.  He was so sweet to come out to Kevin's graduation. We had to get a picture of the two Doctor Marchant's!

 My mom, and my grandpa and grandma Hicken made the 12 hour drive to make it to graduation. They must love us!
3 of the 7 Marchant kids and their parents.  Wish Kim, Kristin, Kelli (she was home selflessly babysitting my kids) and Kurt could've been here!

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