Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Tour of Touro

Kevin's family was here a day before mine, so it was perfect timing to show them around.  Kent and Kyle had never been to San Francisco, so we took them on the tour of Touro and then the city.  We've done this so many times, but it's always fun to take someone who's never been before.  We saw all the usual, the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, Pier 39, Kevin's school on Mare Island, and all the Naval Historical sites around.  We had a lovely day and the weather was perfect.
 Good looking group of guys! SF and the Golden Gate in the background.

 Getting some fish n' chips at Pier 39.

 Magnolias smell like oranges when they're in bloom.

 Musee Mechanique on the wharf is full of cool old fashioned arcade games, most for a quarter.
 This one was funny.  It said, "If you are easily offended, don't play this game."  So of course we did :)  It just played farting noises for 30 seconds while you started at the cowboys around the campfire!  Ha ha ha!  

 And of course you have to see Laughing Sal, the creepy puppet.


Britanna and Kev said...

Beautiful pictures. I sure miss you guys! Those magnolia flowers are to die for! Bring some back :)! Looks like everything went great for graduation. We are excited to see you soon.

Britanna and Kev said...

Beautiful pictures. We sure miss you guys a lot! It looks like your party and pre-party, and GRADUATION turned out great. Can't wait to see you soon. Bring me back some of those magnolias-those are gorgeous!!